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How to choose the "right" Gypsum Board / Drywall / Plasterboard Ceiling

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Gypsum board also called plasterboard, drywall... etc. It has good decorative effects and sound absorption performance, meanwhile, It is Cheaper than other roofing materials. So it is widely used in suspended ceiling decoration.


Below are some purchasing tips and advantages for Gypsum board:

In the selection of gypsum board, You should know something about product specification, types and performance so as to make your room decoration can achieve the desired purpose.


Gypsum plaster decorative board is light, moisture-proof, non deformation, fire, flame retardant and other characteristics. The utility model has the advantages of convenient construction, good processing performance, and the advantages of sawing, nailing, planing, bonding, etc.. The main types are: all kinds of flat patterns, embossed boards, semi perforated panels, perforated panels, waterproof board, etc.. Embossed embossed boards are suitable for living rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and study ceilings. Waterproof boards are used in places such as kitchens, bathrooms and so on.


The decorative board is made of plasterboard. The surface is light, screen printed, decorated and drilled. It has the characteristics of fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, good vibration resistance and convenient construction.


Decorative plaster line angle to the building gypsum as the base material, with reinforcing fibers, adhesives, stirring, pouring and molding, smooth surface, clear lines, stable size, high strength, flame retardant, good manufacturability, easy assembling, using bonded construction, high construction efficiency. The utility model can replace the ceiling of various gypsum decorative boards in order to replace the essential line angle to make the interior decoration integral, the stereoscopic feeling is strong, and the integrity is good. Decorative gypsum line angle is low, and the application effect is good, and has become one of the indispensable supporting materials of gypsum ceiling decorative board.


Gypsum ceiling decorative panels have many patterns, mainly with holes, printing, embossing, sand paste, relief and other diverse, users in accordance with the use of places and personal aesthetic to choose. In short, gypsum ceiling panels, patterns, colors if selected properly, with appropriate, the decoration effect generous, beautiful and novel, giving a comfortable, elegant, soft feeling.

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