About Us

Founded in 1990s, Newswan is a trading-manufacturing group specializing in providing a comprehensive range of high-quality building, furniture, leisure and decorative products and related services, from cost-effective manufacturing solutions to nationwide shipping and international trade. Thanks to the impressive development of the Chinese economy, Newswan has achieved a tremendous rate of growth for more than a decade and steadily branched out to become one of the industry's strongest and most diversified suppliers of quality building, furniture, leisure and decorative products from China.

With more than 5000 employees working in at least 18 production facilities and offices throughout China, Newswan has invented and developed more than 20 categories and 160 types of various building, furniture, leisure and decorative products, which range from timber products, office furniture, home furniture, outdoor furniture, tents, leisure products, pet products, doors, gypsum, ceiling, aluminum, wall paper, hardware, tools, instruments, machinery as well as other related accessories and components. Our annual sales have now reached 180 million US dollars, of which 80% are export. Newswan is already a brand well-known among building, furniture, leisure, decoration industries as well as end users, manufacturers and dealers of building, furniture, leisure and decorative products all over the world. Newswan Group currently is made up of the following members and affiliates:

Newswan Timber Products Co., Ltd.
Newswan Door Industry Co., Ltd.
Newswan Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Newswan Decorative Material Co., Ltd.
Newswan Outdoor Furniture Products Co., Ltd.
Newswan Leisure Products Industry Co., Ltd.
Newswan Pet Products Co., Ltd.
Shandong Benegee Building & Decorative Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Newswan International Trading Co., Ltd.
Newswan Industry(Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Fossi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Mission Statement

We strive to help people lead an easy, simple and healthy life by constantly and continuously translating our concepts, innovations and technologies into value for our customers in a people-oriented way…

Group Culture

At Newswan, the very essence of our culture is “people”: recognition, involvement, teamwork, creativity, responsibility, and happiness. The shared beliefs, values and practices lead us to see the world and act in a unique way. Everybody knows how to fit in, how to do what is needed, how to adapt, how to be accepted and how to succeed. We are all partners and it is safe and comfortable for everybody, division and the whole company to take responsibility, raise issues and solve problems, to act on new opportunities, or to move in new, creative directions. “People” is the most priceless and invaluable treasure we have!

Production Facilities

Equipped with the most advanced production machinery and equipment imported from western countries, such as Germany, Japan, Austria, UK and US, Newswan has been continually upgraded over the years and represent the state-of-the-art in manufacturing equipment and processes in the industries. To date Newswan has set up more than 12 factories and affiliates which are respectively dedicated to the production of building, furniture, decoration, leisure, hardware, tool, electronics, machinery, as well as related accessories. With an accumulated factory area of more than 300,000 square meters, today Newswan is capable of manufacturing and supplying more than 500 containers of various products on a monthly basis.

Quality Assurance

It is the objective of our company to supply services and products to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and business partners as well as the statutory requirements, the guidelines of the vocational associations and the applicable standards. An essential element of our overall company policy is to supply optimum quality for the respective purpose and to operate an active quality assurance system and ongoing improvements to same.

Our quality assurance efforts start from as early as the sourcing of raw materials, run through the whole production process and end as the warranty period expires. We have been fully aware that good quality not only means customers’ requirements are well met, but also represents strict compliance with the relevant accepted international standards. We have set up our own and well-equipped quality testing lab, where the main parameters/characteristics including but not limited to safety, stability, dimension, moisture, density, formaldehyde emission rate, etc. can be precisely tested out.

Constant improvement is a permanent objective of our company. The basic prerequisite for this is a strong quality management system. Newswan has a QA system that functions well and which has the purpose of ongoing optimization according to both China’s national standards and the universally accepted international standards, such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2006, CE, BS EN315:2000, FSC, JAS Standards, CARB Standards, GB 9846.5-1988, GB/T11718-2009, GB/T8324-1995,GB/T18102-2000,GB/T18103---2000, etc.

Certificate & Report

Environment Management

Being fully aware that the natural resources of the earth are finite and will be exhausted some day, Newswan has committed itself to protecting the natural resources and promoting the sustainable development of our environment. Equally, we are aware that any intervention to the natural balance of things can be detrimental, no matter how sensitively or temporarily it is carried out. Our sense of responsibility for the environment causes us to give more back to nature than we take from it in the form of raw materials.

At Newswan, we know that natural resources and environment must be managed responsibly today and nurtured for generations to come. That's just the nature of our business. Over years, we have committed ourselves to a sustainable development by addressing the following performance areas:

Sustained yield forestry.
Ecosystem management.
Protection of wildlife, plants, and soil.
Meeting air and water quality standards.
Meeting many other performance standards such as canopy preservation, maintaining scenic vistas, and proper setbacks from streams and other sensitive areas

We are a pioneer of an all-embracing company philosophy which sets great store by intelligent, environmentally friendly and energy-conserving production processes. This model leads to maximum quality. Newswan had already begun to climb its own summit agenda ever since the day when it was established. Today everybody can enjoy the prospect of protected resources, energy savings and quality management. Sustainability and quality appear to be contradictory requirements; yet Newswan consistently meets them successfully.


  • Great China Office: Suite 08 13th Floor, Bund Square, 818 East Longhua Road, Shanghai, China
  • Hong Kong Office: Unit D 16/F, One Capital Place, 18 Luard Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
  • Shandong Office: 1808 Tower B, Wanyuecheng, Xinhua Road, Linyi, Shandong, China


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